Monday, February 15, 2010

My new trying to be steampunk book.

I gotted the block. Over 20,000 words into the Circus and I got stick. So in what will probably turn out to be a bad decision I started one of my other books.

What I think it's going to be about:A country divided into insertnumberhere regions, each using it's own specific power source and all warring. And then a bunch of important people will die and two kids (always) will have to go on a quest. I'm just not sure for what yet.

What I wrote so far:
“Achew” sneezed the man. “May Azrak deliver me form this accursed cold,” he muttered, wiping his nose and handlebrush mustasche. Mist leaked in through the holes in the windowglass creating the effect of clouds lurking in the high ceilings. A lonely fire burned low at his side. Sniffing he continued writing, his quill pen scratching against the parchment.

“Oh how I long for the gas lights of Jakra. And we have paper instead of this cursed parchment,” he lamented.

Tell me if you like it Internet.


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  1. Due to your outstanding writing and blogging I am giving you the Sugar Doll Award!!
    Keep up the writing and dont let the block get you down!