Friday, April 30, 2010

Where I have been?

Shh, I'm not even supposed to be telling you this. I'm on a sekrit mission fighting the unicorn menace! I'm warning you because they're everywhere, disguising themselves amongst you, spreading ideas like book-banning and pollution!

I wish.* What I was really doing this month? Procrastinating. I came up with on short story idea, several book ideas and some Youtube video ideas (I'm not even on Youtube...yet). I even came up with the best book title ever. And forgot it. All I remember is that it as a parody of something from litereature I may have heard from the vlogbrothers. The book is told entirely from someone's internal monologue and it has the word "Monologue" in it. It is about 3 words long. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

This month wasn't a total bust though. I read some fabulous books like "Wings" and "The Light Fantastic". Caught up on my manga like D. Gray Man. This would be the part where I promise to be on more but I can't. In approx. 24 days I have to take some of the hardest exams of my life and then I have end of term. On the plus side I will put up at least one story on my deviantART and finish my thing for a sekrit projekt (click here for more details If I survive you will see me talking to my fridges and wearing my clothes upside down. Oh and if I get time I will tell you all about my Great Script Frenzy Adventure!!!


*or am I telling the truth?