Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rest in Awesome crazycrayon

Today is a sad day. Today Esther Earl died.

I didn't personally know Esther, I only knew of her through vlogbrothers and effyeahnerdfighters. There was really only one time where our lives intersected. I decided to check out her tumblr one day and I looked at a video she had up of David Tennant and John Barrowman kissing. That video made me very, very happy. I saw other stuff but that's the only thing I remember.

Someone on Twitter thought we should dedicate today to doing awesome things for Esther. I decided to take it on step further, to keep doing awesome things all my life., because Esther made the world suck less (I didn't say that @evilmj did).

"To the well organized mind Death is but the next great adventure"
                                                                    --Albus Dumbledore

"In the Ramtop village..., they believe that no-one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away...The span of someone's actual life, they say, is only the core of their actual existence"
                                                                                  --Reaper Man

R.I.A. Esther


Monday, August 16, 2010

My short career as a half thief

So I'm tired and I didn't do much today so you'll be getting that nice long post later but I do have story to tell you now.

In the grocery store this lonely little stall labelled personal care. The important thing to remember here is that this stall almost never has someone there and all the merchendise is locked cabinets. Yesterday my mom sent me into the store to buy batteries. Guess where they were. The cabinets aren't fitted shut, there's about an inch wide space between them, and you can see the lock. First I tried twiddling the lock (proving that I am a poor locksmith) then I tried fitting my hand through. I pulled the door, the lock slipped a bit and I was able to fit more of my arm in. Then I changed my mind, got the rest of the stuff I needed and asked the cashier who got someone to open it for me. Still I know if this writing thing doesn't work out...


Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am a Liar

I know, I come back, I promise to blog and then I don't. I am a liar and I don't even have the book to give you as an ironic example. But I promise I am back now. And who knows, I might just blog for all the days I missed. (But probably not).

I'm writing this blog in the eleventh hour again as per tradition (no you're not, again you lie! When does this web of deceit end!) and I'm juts going to ramble again.

I spent a lot of time looking at flat irons on It's a good site and it come with a lot of tips on how to care for your hair and flat iron and stuff.

Apparently Youtube think whenever I pause something I really mean for them to play whlile I'm trying to do something else.

It rained.

And that's all I can really think of right now. I'm tired cuz I fell asleep at 6 a.m. and I should be going to bed soon to aviod a repeat. Until next time.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Panicked rambling

I have an excuse for why I didn't blog yesterday and why you are getting this mess today. I am sick and I will be better and coherent tomorrow but for now I am a mess.

So I finished my library books yesterday.

My thoughts:

Naughts and Crosses: Romeo and Juliet a'int got nothing on them. Also really makes you think.

The Bromeliad Trilogy: Excellent and nice metaphor Pterry.

Dancing in Red Shoes will kill you. All right but could have been better. Again nice metaphor.

Midnighters 3: Blue Noon: Knowing the ending in advance does not make it any less sad.

Also there's a YA battle royale going on and it's very good. Go here to vote on your favourites. Also because of this I learnt how awesome Diane Peterfreund really is.


Monday, August 9, 2010


You know that one game on your phone that never gets played? You don't want to play it but one day, you're really bored and you need something to do and you promise yourself you're only going to play one game? Yeah me too.

Hi my name's Nushi-ke and I'm addicted to Tetris. My highscore on Tetris is 124100. That is way too high. Sometimes when I can't sleep I play Tetris. The other night I left my phone downstairs an I acknowledged this and I still felt for it. I have a problem.

Also Zemanta is telling me that there is a Tetris world champion. I feel for you dude.

And that's it I really did not have all that much to say. Before I go here's a video of what it would be like to play Tetris with Xbox Kinnect:

There's only a link for now because blogger keeps  @^#$!&@ing my (@*#^ up.

Oh yeah and it rained tonight. I like ti when it rains at night, the way the clouds are light up, and the flasshes of lighting that come out of nowhere and how the trees look against the sky. Too bad it's over now.


P.S. Derek Landy is interviewing Laura, who was the inspiration for Valkyrie Cain on his blog. Aloso I add alot of postscripts don't I?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Animal Invaders

Animals like to invade my house. Our gate has huge holes in the sides, big enough for a small or Medium sixed pet to get through, and our neighbours pets like to visit my house. Once I went outside and I heard this tinkling so I (brilliantly) decided to stay outside and and try to figure out what it was. 10 seconds later my neighbours dog comes running around the corner like all hell's after him. I stayed inside after that.

Cats come in too. Last night I heard this "Ullr-AH, Ullrrr-AH!" noise coming from outside. I went to see if my mom heard it too.

"It's a cat," she said.

"That's not a cat," I replied, "That is a DEMON!

My Zemanta assistant keeps telling me something about attacks and fires. I think it knows about the mysterious explosions coming from outside and the dry lightning.

Before I go I would like to point out that this is the first time  that I am not finishing this blog with minutes to spare. The fact that I knew this so I procrastinated on it all day is irrelevant.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Treasures in Library books

Once again I am rushing to finish this post in the eleventh hour. I need to work on this, but I know think I'm starting to understand the saying (shut up, I've only heard it Twice before, in Doctor Who and that TV show about the doctor and the FBI agent)

So I saw Despicable Me and everything that could be in 3D came straight for my head. It was all right. I liked the minions.

So I told you about the books I was reading, "Robot Dreams", and in it, in the story "Ugly Little Boy", I found a playing card, the Ace of Hearts. It is not in the original place any longer as I kind of forgot that if I'm not holding the part when I hold the book up, it will fall put, but it is in the same story.

This is not the first thing I've found inside a library book. Mainly I find bookmarks but once I found an apple shaped Post-it note. I won't say which book but I used it to tell successive readers how horrible the book was. Since it was in Chapter 22 however I don't think it had much effect.

So do you guys have any ideas on what I should do with the Ace? I'm probably going to leave it in but do you guys have any ideas what kind of message I could give to future readers? And if you want me to steal it why?

Later I'll make a blog about me decoding the card.


P.S. My Zemanta Assistant is telling me they are making a Despicable Me2. Yes I will probably be going to see it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

In absence of a blog I bring you rambling and an explanation

I know I was supposed to blog every day. I promised to blog every day. What I'm doing now isn't even a blog, it's a mad dash to beat the clock. But I have a good reason Why I have not blogged in the past few days. My Internet went down. If the guys had not come to fix it today I would be typing this post furtively from the library where I was where I completely fogot to check out history books until it was too late and was trying to finish one before my Mom came to get me. I nearly did too.

Currently I am writing this blog whil reading Isaac Asimov's "Robot Dreams". So far he's doing pretty well. I think I may have found the robot from I, Robot in here too! And "The Machine That Won The War" was just brilliant. He's complicated enough without leaving me behind (the introduction helped too).

And now I mus go because I have math to do because I have to go out tomorrow but I will do a post tomorrow (unless the Internet breaks itself again) and I 'll tell you about why I'm afraid of robots, why zombies are better thatn unicorns and the continuing adventures of my hair and how my finger is doing.


(55 minutes to spare)

Monday, August 2, 2010

BEDA, hair and cut fingers

Today is my first day of BEDA. Not the first day, I missed yesterday because I'm a bad person and could not get to a computer which is a long story that I'll tell you later cuz I have 45 minutes to write this blog before I have missed two full days of BEDA. Why am I writing this blog so late? Tell you just now (Ow it hurts to type).

BEDA or Blog every day in August is  pretty self explanatory. That's about it. Last year Maureen Johnson, who was behind on her blogging, decided to blog every day in April. She's not doing it this year because she is writing which I don't mind because I want The Last Little Blue Envelope and Scarlett 3 and ther new paranormal series. But I have no pressing engagements and I need to get back into the habit of writing something (because I have been obscenely bad at that)  and there are no more months left that begin with A so here we go.

Today I spent mayes 4-6 hours doing my hair. I have really thick curly hair and It had not been done in weeks because the only hair product that works on my hair went into hiding. I could make a whole blog on my hair but I am saving that for another time. Anyway while I was washing it/trying to pull out the knots it was so made at me it actually sliced open two of my fingers. No blood but it hurts like hell.

And I think that's about it. I'll see you guys tomorrow. (29 minutes to spare)


P.S What do you think of the new layout?