Friday, February 5, 2010

A short notice, some stuff that happened to me and a question

I leaned recently (i.e. yesterday but I was too embarrassed to say) that there is no English spelling of author, that is the one of the few words the Americans did not see fit to change. Well I've decided that mis-spelling will be my thing. You hear that future generations! I have taken one more thing from you!

Anyway remember how yesterday I told you about the epic battle of zombies vs. unicorns? Well what else could be an epic battle? Dragons vs. Grocery baggage boys? Werewolves vs. Goblins? Cowboys vs. Vampires? Ninjas vs. Fairies? The Missing Link vs. Witches? The Blob vs. Elves? Dwarves vs. Ghosts? I want you to tell me what you think should be the next epic battle.

My Spanish teacher made us guess what actor she thought was handsome and I was the first person to say Johnny Depp. She has good taste.

And the ever awesome Maureen Johnson made a video:

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