Friday, September 24, 2010

Homework haiku

My homework is behind me
I keep glancing back at it
Still not going to do it

(I don't remember how many syllables a haiku is supposed to have so.. yeah)


  1. I think it's supposed to be 5, 7, 5? I remember researching it when I was writing one about breakfast.

    All of my schoolwork is homework now, so I feel your pain!

  2. Yep, 5, 7, 5. You were close! :) It's a funny poem, though. Do you write a lot of poetry? (Got your link from a friend (Rissa (of (Re)learning How to Fly)) so...yeah. I like your blog! Can't wait to come back! :)

    ~Eve S. D'ropper, of

  3. Got any more poetry? :)

    ~Eve S. D'ropper (contest at my blog! Check it out!