Monday, October 31, 2011

In the abscence of an actual plan

You know, I had a whole nice long post planned and I forgot everything I was going to write. Time to wing it.

First: ANYA WON PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!!!!!! WE WIN TING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Application forms for UWC tt have been released. Due April 10th. Yay! *nervous as hell* Also the only blog I found from an actual student in LPC UWC is in German :honkongcitygirl. Thatll be some fun with google translate. I wonder if that's a tumblr already.

Some fun in Links: andawesome website where a guy reads a book and tells you  about it (it is better than I make it sound) Awesome author, awesome book. Man I say awesome alot.

All right, next time I'll try to make a post about something. Probably that new alternative literature thing.

There's something starting tommorrow...I wonder what?



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  2. your blog is awesome.......i say dat a lot 2.