Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sugar Doll Award

Becs from Wicked Ink thought I was
worthy of the Sugar Doll award. I'm not sure why but I'm not questioning it. (Byt the way check her out)

Anyway to claim the award I need to tell you 10 interesting facts about me. Yeah this is going to be hard.

1. I'm incredibly accident prone. Everyday I bump into something, fall or injure myself in some way.

2. Continuing the theme from the last post when I was ten I fell down the stairs and off the 4 foot high landing onto the tile floor. I got two cuts and that was all.

3. I have been cooking for myself, doing my own laundry and generally taking of myself since I was like born. That's what television did to my generation.

4.I have never had any of the common childhood illnesses unless you count the cold. My mom tried very hard for me to get them but I never did. I am afraid for what this means for my future.

5.I read insanely fast. I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 1-2 days.

6.I have an unusual memory. It is both terrible and wonderful at the same time.

7. When I was about 1-3(my mom isn't sure) I watched Jurassic Park and I laughed at the part when the guy got his head bit off. I was a cool kid but a little twisted.

8. I was a really cool baby as previously stated. I could belly dance.

9.I have a paralyzing fear of insects and spiders. The insects I am most afraid of are dragonflies and butterflies. Stupid sticker saying there were Bee butterflies.

10. I either want to live in Dublin, New York or Tokyo when I grow up. I'm a city girl who likes trees.

Now for the re-awarding to five other bloggers:

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2.Nicole at Nothing News

3.Amaya at Chimeran Falls

4.Vital-Organs at A Dabbler's Revenge

5.S.P. at Scrawling on the Walls


  1. Thankyou so much, but as great as this is I really don't want to do it. Let me explain. Chimeran Falls is meant to be an escape, an escape for me and my readers, my idea was to have it only including those descriptions and I don't want to stop that and if I do this more things will come up and in the end it'll turn into a blog about myself. I hope you understand, sorry.

  2. This was so long ago D8
    I'm sorry I didn't notice, life has been hectic