Saturday, July 10, 2010

HPA FTW!!!!!!

So you guys remember that totally awesome charity called the Harry Potter Alliance based on the principles of Harry Potter that did all those awesome things like sending 5 planes to Haiti, Harry, Ron Hermione, SS DFTBA and Dumbledore, got people to donate 41,415 books and other awesome stuff?

Yeah that Harry Potter Alliance.

And now we have a chance to do something awesome for them. The HPA is in a contest to win $25 000 which they can use to do even more awesome stuff. They're currently in first place but voting ends on Monday and alot can change in two days. So they need you to do something for them. Go to and vote, then tell your friends to vote, tell your neighbours to vote, tell everyone to vote. Tweet it, Facebook it, make a video about it, just get the word out. And for more ideas on how to spread the word you can read this message from Paul DeGeorge.

Do as the owl says:

The weapon we have is love.

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