Friday, August 6, 2010

In absence of a blog I bring you rambling and an explanation

I know I was supposed to blog every day. I promised to blog every day. What I'm doing now isn't even a blog, it's a mad dash to beat the clock. But I have a good reason Why I have not blogged in the past few days. My Internet went down. If the guys had not come to fix it today I would be typing this post furtively from the library where I was where I completely fogot to check out history books until it was too late and was trying to finish one before my Mom came to get me. I nearly did too.

Currently I am writing this blog whil reading Isaac Asimov's "Robot Dreams". So far he's doing pretty well. I think I may have found the robot from I, Robot in here too! And "The Machine That Won The War" was just brilliant. He's complicated enough without leaving me behind (the introduction helped too).

And now I mus go because I have math to do because I have to go out tomorrow but I will do a post tomorrow (unless the Internet breaks itself again) and I 'll tell you about why I'm afraid of robots, why zombies are better thatn unicorns and the continuing adventures of my hair and how my finger is doing.


(55 minutes to spare)

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