Monday, August 9, 2010


You know that one game on your phone that never gets played? You don't want to play it but one day, you're really bored and you need something to do and you promise yourself you're only going to play one game? Yeah me too.

Hi my name's Nushi-ke and I'm addicted to Tetris. My highscore on Tetris is 124100. That is way too high. Sometimes when I can't sleep I play Tetris. The other night I left my phone downstairs an I acknowledged this and I still felt for it. I have a problem.

Also Zemanta is telling me that there is a Tetris world champion. I feel for you dude.

And that's it I really did not have all that much to say. Before I go here's a video of what it would be like to play Tetris with Xbox Kinnect:

There's only a link for now because blogger keeps  @^#$!&@ing my (@*#^ up.

Oh yeah and it rained tonight. I like ti when it rains at night, the way the clouds are light up, and the flasshes of lighting that come out of nowhere and how the trees look against the sky. Too bad it's over now.


P.S. Derek Landy is interviewing Laura, who was the inspiration for Valkyrie Cain on his blog. Aloso I add alot of postscripts don't I?

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