Monday, August 16, 2010

My short career as a half thief

So I'm tired and I didn't do much today so you'll be getting that nice long post later but I do have story to tell you now.

In the grocery store this lonely little stall labelled personal care. The important thing to remember here is that this stall almost never has someone there and all the merchendise is locked cabinets. Yesterday my mom sent me into the store to buy batteries. Guess where they were. The cabinets aren't fitted shut, there's about an inch wide space between them, and you can see the lock. First I tried twiddling the lock (proving that I am a poor locksmith) then I tried fitting my hand through. I pulled the door, the lock slipped a bit and I was able to fit more of my arm in. Then I changed my mind, got the rest of the stuff I needed and asked the cashier who got someone to open it for me. Still I know if this writing thing doesn't work out...


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  1. Hello fellow beda-er, found you on twitter. this is a funny story, just thought you should know. :)